Garden Torch Outdoor Garden Torch -Cone Shape, 2 pk 65" Tall - Pot Racks Plus

Garden Torch Outdoor Garden Torch -Cone Shape, 2 pk 65" Tall

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At 65 inches tall, the stainless steel contemporary designs of the Anywhere Garden Torches will light up and add style, sophistication, and ambiance to any outdoor space. Sold in sets of two, you can arrange 2, 4 6, 8 or more torches anyway you would like; along a pathway, around the pool, on the perimeter of your back yard, or anywhere you choose. Used with citronella torch fuel it will repel insects to maximize your outdoor enjoyment. Each torch comes with long lasting wick and a snuffer cap to extinguish the flame and keep your wick dry when not in use. By combining this 65_ inch ground torch with matching table torch you can not only coordinate the d�cor, but also bring light and insect protection anywhere you need it. A funnel is recommended for use when filling with fuel. FUEL SOLD SEPARATELY.Wipe any spills or drips off stainless steel before lighting. Never try to refill torch while burning or top is still hot.