Candy Chain-Metallic Black - Pot Racks Plus

Candy Chain-Metallic Black

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Having a hard time coming up with home decor ideas? Why not give your space a splash of history?

Inspired by chains that keep a warrior safe during battle and labor, this piece of wall art is actually made of two layers of steel. The background is polished to a metallic shine that highlights the layer of colorful steel chain links.

Each piece is equipped with hangers at both ends so you can hang these whichever angle that you want. Alone, this wall art is stunning. But if you get several, you can make a bold sunburst arrangement that mimics the power of ancient warriors! Get this wall art for your home right now!

  • Dimensions: 34 inches x 4.5 inches
  • Colors: candy blue, candy red, candy purple, candy orange, candy teal, candy red/distressed copper, distressed copper, metallic black
  • Made in the USA